Harnessing technology to enhance patient care.

Innova Health fuses a human touch with technology to deliver a powerful connected healthcare experience, harnessing the power of conversations to educate and support patients remotely.

The problem

Quality healthcare outcomes depend upon patients’ adherence to recommended treatment regimens. Patients not following treatment plans and health advice is a pervasive threat to health and wellbeing and carries a significant economic burden for some disease conditions.

Patients that do no not adhere to prescribed medication and treatment regimes as intended.

Patients put at risk by misunderstanding, forgetting, or ignoring healthcare advice

The number of hospital admissions that are caused by medication-related problems

This lack of adherence too often results in:

  • Reduced quality of life

  • Prolonged disability

  • Lack of symptom control

  • Lowered therapeutic effect

  • Premature death

  • Escalating healthcare costs

The solution

Innova Health, a connected health platform that supports the most vulnerable patients; monitoring and supporting while empowering and encouraging self care.

Healthcare should be provided to patients wherever they are and whenever they need it. We understand that positive healthcare outcomes are enhanced when there is a dialogue between patient and carer. By increasing the frequency, availability and richness of these interactions, we can vastly improve outcomes with a fraction of the resources. Innova Health can significantly improve healthcare productivity, delivering better patient outcomes at a lower cost.

Innova Health meets the needs of individual patients across 4 pillars.


Innova Health supports nurses to deliver effective remote care to patients. Integrating data from connected devices and interactive patient assessments to drive insights, trends and risk assessments. Dashboards present patient status insights to care givers enabling effective, personalised and timely interventions.


Understanding each patient’s unique needs and motivations is essential to promoting effective self management and behaviour change.

Innova Health delivers motivational messaging driven from data intelligence to motivate, encourage change and reinforce good behaviours.


Innova Health educates using a curated knowledge library made up of disease-relevant  interactive tools, articles and videos.  

A social community connects patients with each other as well as with selected family members, to promote learning and sharing experiences with each other.


Innova Health provides patients with a nurturing safety net and swift access to a nurse with options to message or video call in times of need.

We want to foster emotional wellbeing by encouraging patients to support each other, navigating the complex road from illness to wellness together.

The team

The team at Innova Health have a wealth of experience in technology and healthcare. We understand the need to bring a patient-centric approach, assembling the right technology and services around patients’ needs to add true value.

“We established Innova Health to address some of the most complex issues impacting patients today. We believe that through effective use of cutting edge technology we can deliver effective Healthcare. Anywhere.

Shoshana Bloom

Founder and CEO

Shoshana has 17 years of healthcare management and commercial experience across the NHS and private sectors. She is driven to understand;  how can we deliver more effective and safer care for patients? Her vision is the use of technology to more cost-effective healthcare while improving safety and clinical outcomes.

Matt Webb

Chief Technology Officer

Matt Webb is the Global CTO at Mirum and the CTO of Innova Health. Matt brings over 18 years’ technology experience, spanning system architecture design,  AR/VR and Artificial Intelligence. His background is in usability but his passion is ensuring that technology works to enhance the experience, not against it.

Liz Keating

Commercial Director

Liz has 30 years Pharmaceutical Industry and Homecare experience. Liz was pivotal in pioneering patient support programmes for Biologic drugs. Her career-long passion is designing services that support patients to improve adherence  to medications and promote their ability to self-care, delivering better quality of life and clinical outcomes.

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